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(I'm talking about the kitchen.)

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Meet Janet.

She’s on a mission to show you a Smarter Way to Renovate with little-to-no demolition, stress or mess.
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Our Products & Services

Enjoy stunningly beautiful yet incredibly durable countertops and surfaces made from our proprietary material, etherium? By E-Stone.
Select from dozens of colors, patterns and textures that install right over your existing surfaces.

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Bring an elegant look to virtually any area of your home with gorgeous glass mosaic tiles. Let our experts create a sophisticated kitchen or bathroom motif you’ll be proud to display for many years to come.

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Why replace when you can reface? Enjoy a fresh new look in far less time and for a lower cost than a total cabinet replacement. Choose from a wide variety of options in both sleek contemporary and traditional styles.

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Brown kitchen remode

My neighbor with the same kitchen layout paid twice as much for the same great look that I got w/Granite Transformations for less than half the price plus a lifetime warranty! That’s a no brainer! The staff was amazing, installers very professional and the product is beautiful! I highly recommend Granite Transformations! Thank you for my affordable new updated kitchen.

Sandra Dill — GT of Tempe

Excellent product. Transformed my kitchen without having to totally rebuild my cabinets. Only thing better was the excellent service provided by Granite Transformations crew.

D Trebeh — GT of Tempe

We absolutely love our Granite Transformations kitchen counter tops. They are so easy to maintain & very elegant & beautiful in appearance. They were installed in a short amount of time with no mess.

Clarice Scheck — GT of Tulsa

Very happy with our kitchen countertops. Looks great and clean up is easy! Installation was very fast and painless! Looking forward to using Granite Transformations again for our bathroom!

Suzanne Harmon — GT of Tulsa

Just had Granite Transformations do new kitchen counters and backsplash. They did a fantastic job. Besides looking great they cleaned up after themselves so well that you would never have known they were there if not for the new counters. They came when they said they would and finished right on schedule. This is the second time we have used them and I highly recommend them.

Frank Haverkamp — GT of Omaha

Granite Transformations were very professional, prompt and courteous when they came. They kept the kitchen area clean and kept dust and dirt in the kitchen area without spreading into other areas of the house. They were quick and polite. I would gladly recommend them for work in any of my friends or families homes.

Lonni Dodd — GT of North Seattle

We love Granite Transformations! They offer an economical and demolition-free granite install with many choices to choose from. Our installation took 3 days and the team was professional and meticulous! We absolutely love our new kitchen and guest bathroom! Great job!

Vicki McKenna — GT of Pleasanton

Granite Transformations did a great job for us. All the way from the beginning. Low pressure sales presentation to the installation crew were all very good. No hidden costs and they even hooked up our plumbing saving the hunt for a good plumber to complete the job.

Sir Fur — GT of Pleasanton

It was an easy purchase and install from beginning to end. The countertops are perfect and the glass Subway tile backsplash was installed perfectly! They are an easy company to work with and are very accommodating.

Alene Kraus — GT of North Wales

We just had our new countertop installed. We were thrilled with the product and the installers did a wonderful job with extreme efficiency. We would highly recommend them.

Robert Kirby — GT of Troy

Of course we have a Visualizer.

Want to be like Janet and design your dream kitchen or bathroom? Go ahead and explore the endless design options we offer for your bathroom and kitchen remodeling projects. Try different layouts, colors and styles and when you have found something you love, save it and give us a call.

Done in (as little as) a day.
Beautiful for life.

This has been our mission from the start. We deliver quality bathroom and kitchen remodeling services in as little as a day – and without the stress and mess of a traditional remodel. Ready to start?

Not ready yet? Here are some other things you can do in a day. They're just not as awesome.
  • Plant a garden.
  • Organize your garage.
  • start a band GuitarStart a band.

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